OWIT Strategic Plan 2025

OWIT Strategic Plan 2025

Preview – OWIT Strategic Plan 2025

Our mission

United around the globe to foster international trade and the advancement of women in business through a growing network that provides a collective forum to support education, facilitate information exchange and promote networking. In pursuing these goals, OWIT strives to provide a rewarding volunteer environment, to stay at the forefront of trade and technological developments and to build partnerships and alliances with peer organizations and associations.

Our vision
OWIT has a direct impact on women-owned business owners and trade professionals around the world by fostering education and mentorship as well as social and economic empowerment.
This vision supports the United Nations Development Goal 5.5 – to ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic, and public life.

Our goals

1. An internationally renowned and inspirational OWIT

By 2025

  • OWIT has 40 chapters and is present on all continents
  • OWIT empowers members and affiliates economically
  • OWIT members are go-to professionals for the media and for governments and others seeking input on trade issues and policies
  • OWIT has 20 diverse strategic alliances/international partners

2. A connected network worldwide

  • OWIT has US$250k revenues/year (25% from chapters, 25% from corporations, 25% from grants, 25% from content)
  • OWIT conducts 3-4 webinars per month

3. Financially strong to increase our footprint and accomplish our mission

  • OWIT has 10,000 paid and renewing members worldwide
  • OWIT attracts young people
  • OWIT has a uniform (umbrella) website
  • OWIT’s members-only, trusted platform is activated

All OWIT members can join one of the committees working to achieve these goals! Contact vp-strategy@owit.org or your chapter representative on the OWIT International Board.

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