Interview – A Volunteer’s Spirit: A chat with Hulya Kurt

Interview – A Volunteer’s Spirit: A chat with Hulya Kurt

Over a Decade serving OWIT:

I have experience and a  story at The Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT). I have been involved in OWIT for more than 10 years in Geneva, Switzerland. 

I started to support OWIT as I was the Diversity and Inclusion Head of Thomson Reuters Switzerland as a corporate sponsor, then continued as a volunteer, soon took the position of VP for events, EVP and then President of Lake Geneva for 4 years in a row. 

Afterwards moved into the International Exec Board and now the President, which is an honour.

What I learned while being in the OWIT Executive Committee Board ? 

How to run a proper Executive Board meeting, the official systems and structures. Moreover, on all the global partnerships, chapters, and their programs, what are the trends, following the new agreements, expanding my network beyond the European continent and seeing first hand the impact we have on women in trade and business. 

What is unique about OWIT ?

Specifically OWIT is seen as the rare organizations which is focusing on International Trade. It has a competitive advantage where global organizations look for collaboration, improving, upskilling and being the market gateway opener.

How can OWIT improve ?

Observing this first hand is a privilege. Still lots needs to be done of course, however each step counts and being an enabling organization, creating visibility and credibility for women owned business is worth the time spent. 

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Author: Hulya Kurt is the President of OWIT International and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of InnKick, an organization that helps humans to feel empowered, resourceful and self-sustained to cope with their professional and personal life.

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