Women in Business: Intellectual Property for Growth and Empowerment

April 26 was chosen as the date for Intellectual Property Day, as it coincides with the day on which the WIPO Convention came into force. OWIT, an international organization dedicated to empowering women in trade and business, aims to celebrate this day as a reminder of the importance of intellectual property rights in boosting trade and businesses for women and youth.


This webinar is managed to celebrate this anniversary date as a memorial to look for intellectual property signs and its effect for paving the way for women inventors, creators and entrepreneurs.

When we assert that intellectual property can serve as an antidote to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) challenges, we highlight its practical application in advancing women’s empowerment by facilitating access to higher quality positions and reducing poverty. Additionally, the impact of IP on economic growth, industry, innovation, and infrastructure underscores its potential to address various aspects of sustainable development goals. We aim to provide insights and solutions for better foresight in trade and business, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals. As we already may know, achieving financial empowerment, is a crucial step towards addressing SSDG issues effectively and considering them as a solved problem.

The webinar will offer a general overview of intellectual property rights and their impact on international trade, discussing how IP tools can be adopted for business growth achieving Sustainable development goals. Additionally, the session will highlight the benefits of intellectual property rights for women entrepreneurs, showcasing success stories of businesswomen who have utilized IP to empower themselves and enhance their local businesses. The webinar will also address how IP can facilitate international expansion in trade and business.

Target Audience & Beneficiaries

This webinar is designed for women involved in international trade and business, including entrepreneurs, professionals, scholars, policymakers, and anyone looking to advance their work in these fields.

Moderator:  Susan Isiko

Co-Founder and Senior Research and Policy Advisor, International Lawyers and Economists for Development (ILaED.Org)

  • Opening Remarks: Susan Isiko – 12:00-12:05
  • Introduction: Sanaz Javadi Farahzadi
  • Presenting OWIT and women empowerment initiatives – 12:05-12:10


Maslina Malik

Senior Officer, The ASEAN Secretariat

  • Topic: Presenting ASEAN IP initiatives with a focus on gender – 12:10-12:25


Dr. Sandy Chong

Founding chair, ASEAN Business Alliance

  • Topic: Women economic empowerment and business strategies – 12:25-12:40


Sanaz Javadi Farahzadi

CO- Vice president partnership organization of women international trade

  • Topic: Mentoring women led businesses through IP strategies – 12:40-12:50
  • Q & A and closing remarks – 12:50 – 13:00

Time: 12:00  CET

Duration : 1 hour

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