Impact of Environmental, Social and Governance Trends on the Energy Industry and Policymaking

WIIT (Washington DC) invites you to join us for a discussion on the impact of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) trends on the energy sector. We will define ESG and explain the factors that drive the growing adoption of ESG, notably climate issues, in investment portfolios, shareholder priorities and consequently on corporate strategies – as energy companies look to demonstrate resilience to and through the energy transition.

We will assess how policymakers and regulators are responding to ESG trends, including where and why their approaches will differ. President Biden is hard wiring climate into all elements of US policymaking, though Congress is complicating that agenda. Around the world, policymakers are taking a hard look at how and when to assess and address the risks of climate change and the energy transition to financial system stability.

Finally, we will unpack how the oil and gas sector has responded to the rise of ESG in the investor and policy space as material constraints on the cost and availability of capital impact different regions, subsectors, and companies differently. The event will also include a discussion about how ESG dynamics will evolve over the long term, from both policy and corporate perspectives, as different countries and companies try to hedge against a litany of burgeoning climate risks.


  • Lisa Epifani, Manager for ESG & Sustainability, Strategy and Sustainability Group, Chevron
  • Betty Jiang, Head of U.S. ESG Research, Credit Suiss
  • Moderated by Mikaela McQuade, Director – Energy, Climate & Resources, Eurasia Group
  • Introduction by Soozhana Choi, Co-Chair of WIIT’s Environment and Energy Program


Dec 07 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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