3 Fundamental Strategies for Business Women Starting in International Trade

3 Fundamental Strategies for Business Women Starting in International Trade

Working as a businesswoman in international trade can be both rewarding and challenging. There is the excitement of expanding one’s organization to the world stage, the thrill of learning on the go, and the frustration of again having to overcome biases that should have been left in the past. As with all things business, however, strategy and adaptability are paramount to success. Having grown Niki Jones Agency, Inc. into the global market as a member of the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT), I – and my fellow OWIT members – can offer advice for women in business seeking to achieve this coveted milestone. It begins with three simple tactics.

1. Learn about the Culture

It is important to conduct extensive market research to understand the country in which you are conducting business. Adapt your marketing strategy to that country’s values and beliefs. What works for one country may not work for another. Account for cultural differences, languages, and time zone barriers. Make sure you have knowledge of and respect for different dialects and accents. Doing so can help women in trade communicate with greater ease while avoiding setbacks arising from cultural misunderstandings.

2. Keep up with Laws, and Regulations

Consider geopolitics. Always follow international news, and pay attention to how politics and/or global trade trends may affect your clients. It is crucial to stay on top of external factors like changes in regulations, new laws, etc. that can impact your services.

3. Partnering and Networking

In a broad sense, international trade is like conducting any other type of business. When you connect with others, you learn different perspectives and gain insight into new ideas and markets. You may also find economic opportunities and partnerships that allow access to women-in-business networks and new resources.

These three strategies have helped me overcome many challenges as a woman in international trade. They have allowed me to expand Niki Jones Agency, Inc into new markets and can help women-led businesses with international aspirations stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. Learning to navigate matters of international politics, law, economics, and culture and connecting with the people who will help you along the way are the first steps to turning your national success into international reach. Finding an OWIT chapter near you or joining the virtual chapter are great places to start !

Author: Niki Jones currently serves as VP, Marketing for OWIT International. Niki is the founder and CEO of Niki Jones Agency Inc., an award-winning public relations and integrated marketing firm with offices in New York City (NYC), the Hudson Valley and Austin Texas (TX).

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