18th Annual Organization of Women In International Trade (OWIT) Conference Hosted by OWIT Nairobi

18th Annual Organization of Women In International Trade (OWIT) Conference Hosted by OWIT Nairobi

Bridging the Gap – Empowering Businesses to Go Global. Intercontinental Hotel – Nairobi, Kenya

June 11, 2018 – PRLog — In response to global demand and shifting trends in trade, OWIT International (www.owit.org) is bringing back its Annual World Conference. In recognition of Nairobi, Kenya’s, vast potential to engage in global trade, OWIT International has selected its OWIT Nairobi Chapter to host this year’s conference.

On October 24-25th, 2018, OWIT members from more than 20 chapters worldwide will converge with supporters and experts in their ?eld to explore ways to empower both the local community and trade leaders through inclusive and forward-looking policy.

OWIT President Jennifer Diaz said, “My goals as President of OWIT International include ensuring the OWIT presence is widely known as the premier organization for women in international trade around the globe, and providing a platform for all members to network and advance via our annual conference.”

Day One will be comprised of a capacity building workshop for local women entrepreneurs seeking to take their business across borders. On Day Two trade practitioners and policy makers from around the world will discuss best practices for shaping cross-border commerce, share insights for what’s next for the future of trade, and the evolving role of women in trade.


Internationalization of trade and investment is complex. OWIT’s International Capacity Building Workshop provides attendees with access to the subject matter experts and resources needed to help overcome the unique challenges of internationalized trade and investment. The workshop targets female business-owners who are currently exporting their goods or services, or are seeking partnerships and networks that will provide them with the right information, markets, and ?nances required to take up global trade opportunities.


The 18th Annual OWIT Conference will be hosted by the OWIT Nairobi Chapter in Nairobi, Kenya, on Thursday, October 25th, 2018. The conference will explore some of the main constraints faced by female entrepreneurs in accessing new opportunities and markets in the global trading arena, including:

• Lack of access to credit
• Lack of access to trade-related information
• Limited capacity in terms of knowledge and skills
• Limited participation and representation in trade policy-related positions


The 18th Annual OWIT Conference aims to:

• Explore how to enhance women’s capacity to engage in international trade;
• Address the constraints in accessing new markets, and to build women’s capacity to bene?t from cross-border trade;
• Initiate action-oriented conversations that result in greater female participation in global trade;
• Foster conversations about obtaining alternate, competitive sources of investment capital required for female entrepreneurs to up-scale their businesses;
• Provide a platform to connect women across traditional, emerging, and developed markets;
• Understand the capacity of domestic and international organizations to dismantle the trade challenges identi?ed by stakeholders;
• And, re?ne and a?rm the commitment and pledges from stakeholders for the key messages that emerge from the conference.

“On behalf of OWIT Nairobi we are thrilled to be selected as the host for the 18th Annual OWIT International World Conference. We have an exciting conference planned for attendees and will ensure we meet our goal of inspiring businesses to go global. Karibuni Kenya!” said Mucha Mlingo, OWIT Nairobi President.

For more information about the OWIT Conference, International Capacity Building Workshop, and sponsorship opportunities please visit http://www.OWIT.org/programs/nairobiconference.

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