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Who is FITT?

The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) is the standards, certification and training body dedicated to providing international business training, resources and professional certification to individuals and businesses. Created by business for business, FITT’s international business training solutions are the standard of excellence for global trade professionals around the world. 

How are we partnering with OWIT?


What value can OWIT members receive?

OWIT members can access FITT’s professional global trade training with these exclusive member-only discounts at

        • get $50 off any online courses with discount code OWITFITT
        • get $25 off any online workshops with discount code OWITFITT
      • TradeReady Blog – International trade blog featuring global expert content, how-tos, job opportunities and business spotlights. Read by over 50,000 international readers every month. We always save a spot for any OWIT members to post content to expand their reach.


Online Training

There are 6 different topics to choose from that are 100% global in scope. Training is flexible and can be taken online anywhere in the world, in person, or in class.  


Below are the list of training options:



      • Monthly Twitter chats – follow us @FITTNews or check out the #TradeElite hash tag to see past conversations.
      • Small business spotlights – every month we spotlight and interview businesses on our TradeReady blog
      • Weekly newsletter – Read by over 9,000 people, we hold weekly spots for any OWIT content to reach a new audience. Subscribe here: