IWEC Annual Conference · Madrid, Spain

IWEC is a Partner of OWIT-NYC

The International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) will hold its 15th Annual Conference in Madrid on Nov. 13-15, 2022

“Connecting Women Businesses Globally: The Transformational Power of  Women in Business”


A new world of opportunities has arisen following the COVID-19 pandemic. Opportunities that are emerging across sectors, driven especially by globalization and digitalization, creating new business models and new ways to work.

At IWEC, we know that women’s leadership is key to developing these opportunities and transforming them into value. The transformational power of female leadership is in itself a
resource that can and will make an impact on the economy and society.

IWEC this year will bring together in Madrid women entrepreneurs and business owners from all around the world. Participants will combine their knowledge and strengths in an empowered network, in order to overcome challenges and uncover opportunities. Today’s
increasingly fast-paced business world requires leadership with vision and strategy, capable of spotting possibilities as they arise.


Nov 13 - 15 2022


All Day