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Jovanna Nathalie Cervantes Guzman
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Jovanna Nathalie
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Cervantes Guzman
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With my entrepreneur "Atellier Organic Joyas de Autor", I was finalist in January 2018 at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA), representing the University of Guadalajara in one of the most recognized programs of entrepreneurial students and one of the most important awards internationally. Finalist in December 2018 in "Young Entrepreneurs" by Grupo Salinas and Kibernus. I was one of the 16 finalists worldwide in 2019 in "Mentor Capital Group" is a U.S. company that supports social entrepreneurs who are building companies whose mission reduces marginalization. In addition, I am one of 25 Mexicans selected in a program to receive an international mentor in an NGO that supports women entrepreneurs who has a presence in more than 100 countries, called the "Cherier Group Foundation for Women", mentoring Jessica Vollman who is a CEO in New York, Lalit Gautman who was selected Forbes 30 under 30 and global shaper at World Economic Forum, and Kelly Lensink who is a portafolio director in Citi. The venture is internationally certified by "WeConnect International (USA)", member of "Artisan Alliance (Switzerland)", "CO (London)", and "BuildaNest (USA)". And I was the winner representing Mexico at the Pacific level at the "Pacific Trade Show" in Toronto Canada, within "Women & Business Contest" 2019, an event that Prime Minister Trudeau overstated its importance. I am also part of a UK academy of women entrepreneurs called “Awe Empower Tribe”. I was one of the seven Mexican companies selected in the program of She Trades and Twill to receive mentorship by Art Singarajah, the director Twill North America. I was selected in the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) 2020 by the U.S. embassy where emerging entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs with the greatest potential in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada, I was given one of the 20 positions in Mexico. On the social side I currently give mentorship as part of BuildaNest to an organization in Bolivia that supports more than 600 women artisans, supporting them to enter their brand into international markets through digital marketing and e-commerce. I am a consultant at "Hospital Pyme CUCEA" supporting entrepreneurs in these times of crisis through free consulting. (    
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Atellier Organic Joyas de Autor
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Production & Distribution
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