Oct. 24, 2017

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NAFTA: Rebuilding and Renegotiating

with Speakers

Mary Estelle Ryckman, Carrie Goodge O’Brien, Karen Antebi

& Moderator, Angela Hofmann


Tuesday, October 24 at Noon EST

 The fourth round of the renegotiation and modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement concluded on October 17. Negotiations have progressed in chapters such as competition, customs and trade facilitation, digital trade, regulatory practices, and certain sectional annexes. With a long gap before the fifth round on November 17, OWIT International is taking some time to discuss how the rounds have gone up to this point and what we can expect from the upcoming rounds.



maryMARY ESTELLE RYCKMAN, former U.S. trade negotiator, spent thirty years shaping global trade and investment policy.  During her career at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), Ms. Ryckman held numerous positions, including Senior Policy Advisor, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Trade and Development, and Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Canada.  She has extensive negotiating experience in the GATT/WTO, APEC, the OECD, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, free trade agreements (NAFTA, Central America, Chile, and Peru), trade dispute resolution, and bilateral investment treaties.  In addition, she helped implement President Obama’s effort to normalize relations with Cuba, developed strategic policy priorities for the National Export Initiative and the Global Development Strategy, and was a member of the White House Council on Women and Girls.


Ms. Ryckman was a commercial loan officer in Boston before joining the federal government. She received a Masters degree in International Affairs from the George Washington University and completed her undergraduate degree at Princeton University.




Carrie Goodge O'BrienCARRIE GOODGE O’BRIEN is the Counsellor (Trade Policy) at the Embassy of Canada in Washington D.C. In this capacity, Ms. Goodge O’Brien leads the Government of Canada’s engagement with U.S. interlocutors on a broad range of goods market access issues, including trade agreements, government procurement, and trade remedies. 


Prior to joining the Embassy, Ms. Goodge O’Brien served as the Senior Counsellor to the Executive Director for Canada on the Board of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and was formerly a government procurement and goods trade negotiator for the Government of Canada. Since joining Global Affairs Canada in 2002, Ms. Goodge O’Brien has also served as a spokesperson and Trade Commissioner for arts and cultural industries.


Ms. Goodge O’Brien holds has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Trade from the University of Waterloo, and a Masters of Arts in Globalization and International Development from the University of Ottawa.



Karen Antebi KAREN ANTEBI  is an experienced government affairs diplomat and professional with expertise on international trade issues across multiple sectors. She was a member of Mexico’s NAFTA negotiating team and has designed and executed strategies to resolve a number of high-profile bilateral trade disputes, including cross-border trucking.

She serves as Economic Counselor for the Trade and NAFTA Office at the Embassy of Mexico in Washington, D.C. where she leads Mexico’s trade advocacy and communication strategies with the US Congress, Administration, and private sector.

Before rejoining the Trade and NAFTA Office at the Embassy of Mexico in 2016, Karen spent the past three years at BSA |The Software Alliance leading the global license compliance advocacy program to encourage greater awareness of the importance of software compliance and digital risk among the C-Suite, governments and publicly listed companies. She also advocated on international trade and data issues, fair market access in government procurement, IP protection policies, and immigration reform.

As Economic Counselor at the Embassy and, previously, as Chief of Staff to Mexico’s Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Karen has coordinated the interests of numerous departments and agencies at the highest levels of government in Mexico, the United States, the European Union, and abroad. She has a deep understanding of government decision-making processes and vast experience in setting a common agenda and securing support for specific policies from government agencies, trade associations, non-profit organizations, private sector leaders and members of the diplomatic community.

Karen co-authored with Jaime Zabludovsky, “The Window to Europe: The Mexico–EU Free Trade Agreement” El Nuevo Milenio Mexicano. México: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (2004). She is multicultural and bilingual. Karen holds a BA from Brandeis University and an MA in International Policy Studies from Stanford University.