Andrea M. Ewart


President's Welcome

I am very pleased to welcome you to the website of the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT). The primary mission of OWIT is to support the advancement of women in international trade and business.
To successfully accomplish this mission, we welcome men and women from around the world. We facilitate relationship-building through our growing network of members, provide educational and professional development programs, and partner with other groups that share the mission of the economic empowerment of women. Please explore this website, where you can learn about our story, our program offerings, and how to join us.

Since 1989, OWIT has served as the central body of independently-operated voluntary trade associations around the world, united around our shared mission. Growing from ten US-based chapters, today OWIT has about 2,000 individual members, many of whom also network within the local chapters in North and South America, Europe, and Africa. join us to explore our dynamic membership database and connect with our members around the world.

You can become a member of OWIT by joining an existing local chapter, our virtual chapter, or by starting your own chapter. To learn more, please explore the “join us” tab on the website.

Under the “Programs” tab, you can access our webinar calendar. Twice per month, OWIT offers webinars covering timely and informative topics on international business and trade. join us to take advantage of these affordable programs at the even lower rate we provide to our members.

Under the “Resources” tab, the OWIT Pro section provides a useful tool to tap into our membership database to find speakers, consultants, and advisors on international business and trade. join us and showcase your own expertise!

I first joined OWIT as a fairly new international trade attorney looking for a place to grow professionally and connect with other professionals. I began by attending educational programs and networking events in my local chapter in Washington, D.C. Very soon, I began to volunteer with the chapter. Once I learned that we were part of an international network that included women in Africa, Latin America and across the United States, I was hooked!

As the owner of my own company, today, I particularly value the opportunity to interact with the OWIT network of like-minded professionals and to lead this dynamic organization. Whatever your personal goal or role in the field of international business and trade, we invite you to join us and contribute to achieving our mission – United around the globe to foster international trade and the advancement of women in business.

Andrea M. Ewart

OWIT President